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What is Active House USA?

Exterior_2_with-out Skyligth on front facadeActive House USA is an industry innovating sustainable home built in Webster Groves, MO by Hibbs Homes & Verdatek Solutions, and designed by Jeff Day & Associates Architects.

The first of it’s kind in North America, Active House USA is a high performance home that takes an innovative, holistic approach to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and the home and occupants’ interactions with the environment.  Each component of the home is essential to the operation and higher performance of the home – down to the architecture and interior design. A custom home built for lifelong St. Louis residents, this home serves as a prototype for North American Active House standards.

Active House USA utilizes the Active House specifications developed by the Active House Alliance, and is green verified using four North American, sustainable building standards: Energy Star, EPA Indoor, Building America Builder’s Challenge, and ANSI ICC-700 also know as The National Green Building Standard.

Traditionally green building standards concern themselves with the materials and building processes, but Active House standards are the first of its kind in that they evaluate and design with a concentration on what happens in the home after the homeowners take residence.

A living and breathing specification, the standards continue to evolve andActive House projects around the world are being actively monitored for metric and anecdotal data to assist that evolution. Active House USA is the first in North America to become a part of this global, sustainable community of standards. The building techniques and metrics from Active House USA are being collected and analyzed by several groups domestically and abroad to help define and develop both Active House and green building specifications in the US.


A Green Home Prototype In The Midwest
The completed stairwell is a central design feature that brings light from the roof to the main floor to the basement.

The completed stairwell is a central design feature that brings light from the roof to the main floor to the basement.

A culmination of the leading green, environmentally conscious, and sustainable building practices from around the world, Active House USA approaches construction and design from a global perspective.

The Webster Groves, MO Active House is situated in the center of the United States in an historic and bustling suburb located 15 minutes away from downtown St. Louis, MO. This location offers walkable access to shopping, entertainment, groceries, schools, and more.

By benefit of being built in St Louis’ mixed humid climate region, the home is designed to meet both warm and cold weather energy efficiency needs. The requirements for climate and weather conditions in this area make it an ideal location to prototype and propagate Active House standards in other countries and communities in North America.