Active House USA is a custom green home built in 2013 located in Webster Groves, MO. Active House USA. The design and construction of this home relied on leading green, sustainable, and environmentally conscious building practices from around the world. The home’s design and operation take an holistic approach to sustainability and community conscious home construction.

During the first year of residence in the home, the Smith family allowed the University of Missouri’s Center for Sustainable Energy to monitor energy consumption and indoor air quality as part of their research efforts and to help improve green living standards around the country. The family is also provided anecdotal evidence and data to support and complete the metrics.

Other green homes have been built around the world under the Active House umbrella utilizing Active House specifications. Active Houses can be found in countries such as Portugal, Austria, Norway, UK, Italy, Netherlands, and Russia.

Active House USA in Webster Groves, MO is situated in the center of the United States in a bustling suburb located 15 minutes away from downtown St. Louis, MO.



Energy | Environment | Indoor Air Climate

By focusing on three main sustainability factors – energy, environment, and indoor climate – during planning, construction, and after the homeowner takes residence, Active House USA aims to have a positive impact on both the homeowners and the immediate community.

Traditionally, green building standards are concerned primarily with the construction materials and building process. Active House standards are the first residential building standards to focus on what happens once the homeowners are living in the home. The immediate goal is to provide the homeowner with a cost-effective, easy to operate, and low maintenance living space. A focus on those goals creates a healthier and more comfortable environmental for the occupants without impacting the climate.

Active House prototypes were first built in Europe, and were developed with the goal of giving back more than they take. Homes built using the Active House standards are energy efficient and are conscious of using only renewable resources. The indoor climate is built to be comfortable and healthy, and the home itself is built in a way that has little to no impact on the local and global environment.

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