Bringing Down the House: Demo Makes Way for Active House USA

We have reached a very exciting and important milestone in the construction of Active House USA-this week we completed demolition of the structure on the lot where this fall Active House USA will stand. This Active House prototype is unique in that it is being built as an infill project in historic Webster Groves, just steps from downtown shopping and restaurants.

In preparation for construction the Smith family purchased a lot with a home that was in very poor condition was not a good candidate for renovation, which made it ideal for infill building. We asked Habitat for Humanity to come in and salvage what they could from the interior and they were able to take some door frames and a few other items. After we removed additional debris from the home we were set for demolition-and the homeowner got to do the honors of taking the pieces of the home down.

The entire home demolished within an hour, and the debris from demolition and as some of the trees on the property that were dying were cleared and gathered ready to be removed and make way for next week’s groundbreaking ceremony. You can check out some more images from the demolition by heading over to Hibbs Homes’ Active House album on Facebook.

And things are just starting to get exciting: Hibbs Homes, Verdatek Solutions, the Active House Alliance as well as the homeowners and local officials will be on hand for the first official turn of the dirt on Wednesday, May 2 at 10am. With construction starting the plan is to have the home certified, monitoring set up, and the homeowners moved in this fall.

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