The Active House USA homeowners, David and Thuy Smith, worked closely with architect Jeff Day of Jeff Day & Associates and interior designer Kristen Zivic of Lusso at Home, to design a homethat perfectly suits their lifestyle and is kind to the environment.

Active House USA uses the latest innovations in building technology, but the home’s exterior blends harmoniously with the historic homes in the surrounding area so it has all the charm of the neighborhood but outperforms the neighbors in terms of cost of living and comfort.

Though the home represents top of the line construction technology it still appraised on point for average new home construction in this highly coveted, historic enclave of Webster Groves, MO.

You can view photos and read more about the completed home by visiting the Hibbs Homes website.


Natural Green Home Building

By using natural elements like lot orientation to take advantage of daylighting as a natural energy source, Active House USA is designed to live in harmony with both the local and global environment.

The home was built using the Active House specifications developed by the Active House Alliance, and is also certified under four major, North American sustainable building standards: Energy Star, EPA Indoor and Water Sense, Building America Builder’s Challenge, and ANSI ICC-700 also know as The National Green Building Standard.

By meeting and exceeding existing metrics and certifications, the Active House USA prototype aims to prove out and further develop metrics and standards for future Active Houses in North American and around the world. To that end, during the Smith family’s first year in residence, the University of Missouri’s Center for Sustainable Energy monitored the home and collected statistical and anecdotal data from the homeowners to provide some of the first high performance and green building metrics.


Active House USA Renderings