How We are Building Active House USA for The Future

A view of the garage that will include a solar power electric car charger, a compress natural gas fueling station, as well as finished space for the homeowners to enjoy.

One of the most frustrating things about technology is how quickly it can become outdated. With computers, tablets and phones we’ve almost come to expect that once we actually break down and buy one the next week will mark the release of the latest and greatest. One thing everyone can agree on though is that we don’t want a home that becomes quickly outdated.

One of the goals we set for Active House USA was to make sure that the home that we build for the Smith family is one that will be able to continue to grow in value over time, easily adapt to future technologies, and be at the top of the line for years to come. And there are a few ways we have designed the systems and building to meet this challenge.

Built to 2020 Codes
Every three years the building codes change, and it takes a knowledgeable team to build a home that can push beyond that expiration date and build a home that exceeds codes far enough into the future. The approach we have taken to integrating our systems and the technologies we have used look to the future and we expect the home to continue to meet and exceed building codes until at least 2020.

Planning for Future Technology
While the technologies and systems we have in the home are advanced enough that we expect them to not become mainstream and written into code for quite some time, we do know that as time goes by there are amazing advances in technology that we just can’t foresee. That is why we have roughed in for systems and laid conduit and piping that will allow the family to easily update and adapt as technology advances without major renovations or expenses.

Built with Cutting Edge Technology
The advantage to assembling a team that is on the forefront of the technology in their field is that we have been able to build Active House USA with cutting edge technology that is at the forefront of sustainability, energy efficiency, and performance. One example of this are the energy stations we are designing for in the garage. We are installing a solar power car charging station, as well as a working with partner Laclede Gas compressed natural gas fueling outfit in the garage. Not only are these two natural energy technologies future thinking, but they also expand the energy efficiency of Active House USA beyond the confines of its four walls.

The future proof building methods we are employing in Active House USA will be discussed during the panel, The Critical Path to 2020, at the 2012 EEBA Excellence in Building Conference and Expo this week in Arizona. Active House project manager, Matt Belcher of Verdatek Solutions, will be one of the speakers on the panel along with Rick Schwolsky of EcoHome Magazine, Sam Rashkin from the Department of Energy, Mark LaLiberte of LaLiberte Online, and Brad Oberg from IBACOS.

We are proud to be building a house that will be just as high tech and equitable when the Smith’s daughter goes to college as the day she moves in!

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